Northern Lights

Aurora borealis: an unforgettable Arctic phenomena

East Greenland - Scoresbysund

Northern Light Greenland
8 - 11 day cruises with small ships
to remote fjords of East Greenland
magnificent chance to observe Northern Lights

West Greenland Disco Bay

Aurora Borealis
9 Days
from Disco Bay to Eternity Fjord
To the Ice-giants of famous Ilulissat Ice Fjord
to mountains rising 2000 m from sea-level
good chances to watch whales


Map Svalbard
8 days expedition cruise with a historic sailship
following the SW-coast of Spitsbergen
small groups of max 18 guests
Good chances to see and photograph Northern Lights

In the autumn there are not only fantastic opportunities, to observe the polar fauna. The vegetation is in its "autumn dress", the colors appear more intense. Also the first icebergs in the fjords begin to freeze and are a worthwhile subject to photograph. Perhaps one of the most fascinating northern lights appear across the sky - a very special spectacle!