Opinions and Ratings of the participants

Some tour-operators,cooperating with us, are giving out forms to their customers, wherein these are asked, to comment about their journey and to judge the services.
I was able to get hold of some of these judgements for the East Greenland tours.
The questions were primnarily: "Were your expectations fulfilled?" "What did you enjoy in particular?"
Quoted here are a few of the remarks:
An extraordinary journey! Much too rare in the travel-industry, which is rather shaped by mass-tourism. (Laurent L., Luxemburg)

Greenland has filled me with enthusiasm: pure nature, the fascination of icebergs, the experience of a small group, an outstanding guide - and above, being far from civilization.... (Pia N., Luxemburg)

To me the 'dream of my life' came true..., the landscapes..., the narrations about Eskimo culture.... and the experience of the tour-guide as skipper....
(Prof. Dr. G. F., Trier)

My expectations were more than "fulfilled": the originality, the beauty of the landscapes, the "style" as the tour was conducted, excellent provisions and the food (Cornelia L., Dresden)

My expectations were fully fulfilled. I got a completely new conception about the Arctic, quite different from the ideas, the media are selling to us. (Andreas P., Berlin)

I am deeply impressed about the manifoldness of this superb adventure-journey: biblical landscapes, the tranquility and remoteness, unique campsites, the early morning boat-trips, mirroring fjords with opalescent shining ice-bergs, unbelievable glacier-worlds, but also the people, living in such unbeatable simplicity.
ALL this has touched me very deeply. Not to forget the competent guidance, the excellent meals, even for us Vegetarians.... (Ursula G. Zofingen, Switzerland)

Super marvelous journey (Ch. und Th. M., Zurich)

A superb, adventurous journey (Sally K., England))

We decided to join this tour, because of the unconventional expedition style. Also, because the boats were always remaining with the group. Our expectations had been fulfilled in every respect. (Claudia und Willy B., Dorsten)

Special credits to this tour, because of the mobility with the boats! Second, we only carried light backpacks on tour. And: Superb food! (Karin G., Salzwedel)

We decided to join, because of the expedition-character of the tour, and: during the trekking we didn't have to carry heavy backpacks. (Vera und Wolfgang H.)

Super camp-sites, tremendous panoramas, competence and cuisine of the tour-guide (Peter T., Oberstdorf)

The knowledge and the experience of the tour-guide have contributed essentially to the quality of the package. (Klaus M., Herford)

I enjoyed in particular the excellent routing and competence of the tour-guide (Peter J., Trittau).

Professional and pleasing guidance through Ch. Adler, beautiful weather and superb camp-sites, harmony in the group - a perfect dream (Dr. Thomas v. C., Illertissen).

We had a lot of fun with Christian. Because of his year-long experience and his knowledge, this was really an extraordinary journey. (Ingrid L., Winkl)

I joined the tour, because of my special interest for the Arctic. Had been travelling with Dr. Adler several times already. I appreciate his excellent knowledge of the environment and about safety during the boats-trekking. Besides: he also offers a very good cuisine. (Dieter G., Salzwedel)

Flexible routing, unusual degree of freedom with the opportunity to follow individual interests, superb cook with culinarian highlights even in the wilderness (Walter D, Ahrensburg).

I booked the journey, because of the tour-guide! Had been in the Arctic with Dr. Adler several times already. (Helga K., Sendenhorst)

Listed underneath are the total number of customers of two tour operators, indicating a rating on varying questions.
The range of the rating extends from ++ for "very good" until - - for "very bad".
++ + 0   - - -
Flights 24 38 5 0 0
Hotels 13 44 7 4 0
Guesthouses 16 45 6 0 0
Quality of tents 44 22 1 0 0
Meals 45 20 2 0 0
Tour-Guide 49 17 1 0 0
Information 39 21 2 0 0
Routing 47 19 1 0 0
Travel experience 47 20 0 0 0
Adventure 35 20 1 0 0
Customers of Northwind Travel:
++ + 0   - - -
Were you pleased by this journey in general? 32 10 0 0 0
Environmental compatibility, social compatibility? 18 20 4 0 0
How did you find the tour-guide? 36 6 0 0 0
How were the food and the accommodation? 23 18 1 0 0