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Thule - Dogsledge Expedition (North-Greenland)

dogsledge expedition Thule
Explore a fascinating polar wilderness in winter. You'll be travelling with Polar Inuit at 78 degrees North by fair means, like Robert E. Peary and other Arctic Pioneers did! This is a very rare opportunity to experience the old 'World of the Eskimo' and a spectacular Arctic adventure.

18.03. - 05.04.2024

50 YEARS OF GREENLAND - The Anniversary Tour
Awarded by GEO Travels

Aurora Borealis Northern Lights - East Greenland

Northern Light Greenland
Northern lights are among the most marvellous natural phenomena and are a great experience.
The journey will take you over the Arctic Circle, into the deep fjords of the Scoresbysund. Fantastic northern lights can be expected, we will look out for whales and hope to observe musk oxes in their natural environment.

National Park East Greenland plus Spitsbergen

Iceberg Greenland
With an expedition ship to selected highlights of the high Arctic
Along the coast of Spitsbergen and to the most inaccessible national park of Northeast Greenland with spectacular wildlife
Day tours with hikes and zodiac excursions.

West Greenland - Disco Bay

polar bear  Spitsbergen polar-travel.com
This voyage centers on Disko Bay, a region on the west coast of Greenland famous for its icebergs, whales, and friendly Inuit villages. It departs from the capital of Greenland city of Nuuk and finishes in Kangerlussuaq. Attractions include volcanic landscapes, museums, iconic churches in numerous settlements, Greenlandic sled dogs, and stunning scenery everywhere.
Our area of exploration encompasses a wealth of natural wonders such as the famous Ilulissat Icefjord, the beautiful Eqip Sermia glacier, the heart-shaped Uummannaq mountain, and breathtaking fjords, such as Nuuk fjord, reaching deep into the mountainous wilderness of Greenland.

Circumnavigating Svalbard

polar bear  Spitsbergen polar-travel.com
This 10 day cruise has proven itself very successfull and enjoys great popularity..You'll get a comprehensive picture from the remote shores of the Svalbard archipelago, with its various landscapes, its rich flora and wildlife. You will pass bird colonies, be watching bearded and ringed seals, polar bears and Ivory Gulls. Reach northernmost 81 latitude, cross between polar ice, see huge icebergs, and be given also the opportunity to hike..

North Spitsbergen - Polar Bear Expedition Special

polar bear  Spitsbergen polar-travel.com
The journey takes you to the remote regions of Nordaustlandet with its smaller islands. The ship then turns North advancing up to the edge of the polar ice. You have the opportunity to observe many polar bears, walrus colonies and the varied BirdLife of Svalbard

Svalbard Winter Safari

Polar bear Franz Josef Land
This trip gives an insight to Svalbard in winter: in only 6 days, you travel across the island and visit all stunning highlights of Spitzbergen nature, you learn about the famous explorers of the Arctic whose names are linked to Svalbard forever, and meet the locals, people of different nationalities who chose to live here because they love the Arctic.

A brief and intense trip, rich in impressions, accessible to any person in good physical shape.

Svalbard Winter Safari Extreme

polar bear  Spitsbergen polar-travel.com
The ultimate adventure