The hungry little fox

Daddy, I'm so hungry !!

Don't worry my dear, I see what I can do for you!

If you will bring me a fat Canada-goose, I promise, I'll sing you a children's song...

Alarm, the fox is coming! Northeast to East!

Let's disappear children, hurry up!

Do you think he can manage to climb our bird's rock?
Oh no, you are crazy!

But if he does? Do you know to fly already?
Yes, of course!
Don't believe you!

Look, isn't that convincing!
Silly braggart!

Help, help, police, the fox is stealing our eggs!

Coming already! Where is his car? Parking is prohibited here!

What for hell are you doing? You're in the wrong movie! We are in the Arctic here, you guys better mingle into affairs in the Antarctic!

Arctic, Antarctic - who knows, after all, does it matter?
But if you don't like us here, we'll go! Definitely!
And don't send Greenpeace after us, if there are no more pinguins in Greenland!

Attack - everybody ready for an air-strike?
Yes Sir! I'm already attacking Sir!

Hey guys, get him in the cold water and beat him up!!

Poor Daddy! How should I sing a little song now?

Aren't we lucky to be dogs, what do you think?
Guess, you should discuss this topic with your psychiatrist!

Fortunately, there is a camp not far away ....

These guys have an abundance in fish-heads, salmon á la carte...

They also have chocolates.
And they don't bother you.

They left us the dishes for cleaning up these bastards!

But never mind! Daddy says, one should not waste the food!

Chicken legs, fried potatoes - mmmm - simply delicious !!