Robbie - the cool seal

What's that? There is a seal, right in front of us.
Aren't you shy?

What happened Robbie, do you need some help?

Hey man, just wanted to take a nap!

Mom, ... what funny people are these?

Don't worry my dear, they are just tourists!

They come every year and spend a hell of money
just to take pictures.

Come on Robbie, would like to touch you a bit!

Get away man, I'm not your cat.

..just a little bit, along your back...

To hell with you! I'm not your pet, definitely not!

Would like to gently touch your back only once... please!?

I tell you for the last time: if you won't get off immediately now, my reaction will be the same as it was last year!

Well Robbie, now I have touched you. But tell me, what happened last year?

Come on man, I'm not going to quarrel with you!

They are a nuisance these tourists, aren't they?