Kamchatka - Siberian Adventure

To the Land of Fire and Ice

Map Kamchatka
21 days camping-/hostel-tours to the most beautiful National Parks in Kamchatka
through the expanse of the Siberian Taiga and to moon-like landscapes
exciting ascents of three active volcanoes: Avachinsky, Gorelyi, Mutnovski
Swimming, relaxing in thermal springs
To the indigenous people of East-Siberia
Bears, king-salmons and most of all: untouched wilderness
The peninsula of Kamchatka extends far into the Pacific Ocean and nearly reaches the chain of the Aleut Islands. It is a very mountainous and geologically very turbulent region, with 160 volcanoes. 30 volcanos are active and spectacularily erupting once in a while. The glowing, smoking wilderness of fire and ice on the volcano-cones stands in sharp contrast to the colorful vegetation in Kamchatka's fertil valleys, it's clear lakes and vivid streams, which are abundant of fish.

Tourism in Kamchatka is hardly developed. One has to be very flexible, adjusting to every situation which might occur during a journey and it requires quite some experience to deal with it. We have conducted tours during the past six year successfully and achieved the necessary KnowHow. No participating expedition member has ever been disappointed.
However we expect, that all members are accommodating and capable to let off from their accustomed standards at home during this journey. One has to adjust in particular to the pace of a remote region and to 'Russian circumstances'. The following program should be thus understood just as a guideline, along which we will be trying to pursue the voyage. And not as a precise itinerary. We might change this program on the way and visit destinations in a completely different order.
If you are ready to get along with such circumstances, if you are patient enough, you'll certainly enjoy the tremendous nature-experience.
Avachinsky volcano
1st - 2nd day:
Flight from Berlin to Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka.

3rd day:
During the forenoon we'll set out to supplement our equipment and the food-supplies for the tour. We then leave on a Four-Wheel-Drive-Vehicle for the first ride to the volcano: Avachinsky (2710 m). We'll follow a rough river-bed and finally walk the last few hundred meters to a mountain cabin.
During the afternoon, we'll explore the sourroundings and while easy walking across lava fields, will reach a bizarre rock-needle. Above us the ice-scowling slopes of the majestic Koryaksky (3456 m) and the constant trail of smoke, gushing out of the crater of Avachinsky. Overnight in hut or tents.
Avachinsky summit
4th day:
If you like to climb the active Avachinsky, this is your chance! You'll have to manage an ascent of seven hours. However, if you decide to dispense with the crater on a less fatigueing walk, you may well hike to another viewpoint during the day. And you'll be fascinated of the spectacular panoramic view: towards the Pacific, the mighty Koryaksky-volcano, across other small volcanoes in the area and the vastness of the Siberian taiga. Overnight in hut or tents.
5th day:
We'll start early and continue to the Central Regions of Kamchatka. That's a long ride of approx. 700 km. But not only once we'll stop during this day to enjoy the diversity of changing landscapes, to take photographs, to watch passing elchs or, if we are lucky: bears!
We'll have a short lunch in the settlement of Malki an shall take a bath in the thermal spring. At the end of the day we'll reach the Kluchevskoy National Park, shall build up our tents along the shore of a small river, lighting up a campfire and enjoy the romantic atmosphere in the midth of bush. Overnight in tents.
Kamchatka expediiton
Kamchatka volcano
Kamchatka expediiton
Kamchatka volcano
Kamchatka Tolbachic
Kamchatka volcano
Kamchatka volcano
Kamchatka Tolbachic
Kamchatka Tolbachic
6th - 8th day:
If you didn't know a birch-tree-jungle yet, you'll experience it that day. The vehicle has a hard time to pass through the thicket. Slowly we get higher until we reach the remains of an incredible catastrophy:
It was in the mid-Seventies, when 120 'Hiroshima-bombs' blew off without warning here, in the form of an eruption with equivalent power. The heat destroyed all forests nearby, just leaving d ead trunks everywhere, and the black ashes covered most what was living before. Finally the magma dug out huge gorges and hell showed its true face.
Kamchatka expediiton
We are driving across a moon-like landscape, and we'll walk. We'll ascend smaller craters, which were the most nasty during eruption. We probably also visit the site, where the Russians tested their moon-vehicles. And finally we'll get close to the "Master", the icy Tolbachic , which is also the highest (3.085 m). Overnights in tents
9th day:
We'll leave this strange area, our vehicle takes us down to the river and finally to Kozyrevsk . This is a village like a fairytale from our dreams about Old Russia: With small decorated block-houses, surrounded by affectionately fostered gardens, friendly, industrious people, who live their modest lives under the hardships and in the seclusion of Siberia's wilderness.
Kosyrevsk Kamchatka
Kosyrevsk Kamchatka
Kosyrevsk Kamchatka
During the afternoon you'll have sufficient time to collect your own impressions while walking around. To make this day a true Russian experience, we might order a Russian Sauna for the evening. Overnight in a simple pension.

10th - 11th day:
Passing over a bad road, we'll manage to reach Bystrinksy National Park. This area is known as the home of Ewenkian reindeer-hunters and the Koryaks. We'll visit the anthropological museum in the village of Esso and shall undertake a walk to the surroundings. In the evening you may take a bath in the Thermal Springs.

If we're lucky, the natives are celebrating a festival during the period of our stay. We try to be there on time to witness their colorful dances (we might change/reorganize the whole program for that reason)
Kamchatka Koriaks,polar-travel.com
Kamchatka Koriaks,polar-travel.com
Kamchatka Koriaks,polar-travel.com
Kamchatka Koriaks,polar-travel.com
12th day:
Following the Bystraia-river (by car) down to the South of Kamchatka, we reach Milkovo, shall visit the market and have our lunch. Late in the afternoon, we'll build our camp somewhere near Malki.
Overnight in tents.
Kamchatka bear
13th - 14th day:
We start for a two-day boats tour on the river Bystraia. There is no other way through the mountains, except this river. Accompanied by a Russian crew we float down the river in zodiacs. We'll experience a fantastic wilderness, dense forests and clear creeks, if we are lucky we'll see bears and eagles. We shall camp along the river in the evening, and enjoy sitting at the campfire in the midth of nowhere, under a starry sky.
Overnights in tents
15th - 17th day:
We'll continue our way to the South and reach the Thermal Springs of Paratunka, the recreation area for the crews of the nearby Nuclear Submarine Base. We follow a valley, climb a very steep road, finally drive cross-country to reach the volcanoes Gorelyi (1.829m) and Mutnovsky (2.322m). Both volcanoes are highly active. We shall build up the camp at the foot of the Gorelyi.
Kamchatka expediiton
Kamchatka volcano
Kamchatka Bystraia river
Kamchatka Mutnovski
Kamchatka volcano Gorely
Kamchatka volcano
The following day, we'll start the ascent of the Gorelyi. This is an easy climb of approx. 3 hours. The main crater is formed by several smaller craters. It is recommendable to add some 2-3 hours for a hike around. We thus descend 150 meters in altitude to a poisonous lake at the bottom of the most active crater. Fumaroles of sulfur-vapor emerge, the green water consists of hot hydrochloric acid and (even more appetizing), a mixture of sulfuric-acid and nitric-acid. Whatever you wish to be dissolved, your mother-in-law or parts of your equipment, just drop it here in this delicious soup.
We climb the summit of the main crater and descend along levelled slopes.

The next day we'll try the Mutnovsky. Its crater is really steamy. Russian cosmonauts described the activity of this crater as being the most spectacular impression, they ever had in their lives. Check yourself!
If the conditions will allow, we can get very close to the crater by car, so that we just will have to walk three hours. Else we'll have to hike a bit longer of course.
Overnights in tents.
Petropavlovsk Kamchatka
18th day:
We'll return to Paratunka. At the swimming pool of a thermal bath we'll rest and recover from our climbs.
Overnight in tent

19th day:
Drive to Petropavlovsk and to the Pacific Ocean. We undertake a three hours boats-tour across the Avacha Bay to seal colonies and a bird's island. Lateron we return to Petropavlovsk, visit the museum. Overnight in guesthouse
Petropavlovsk Kamchatka
20th day:
Opportunity for souvenir-shopping and a visit of the Institute of Vuilcanology. Don't forget to buy sufficient Smoked King Salmon or Caviar for your beloved ones at home on the puiblic market.

21st day:
Transfer to the airport.
Flight from Petropavlovsk to Moscow or St. Petersburg and further.
Arrival in Berlin.
Kindly take note:
You need a visum for travels to Kamchatka. Application forms will be sent to you after your booking. Entry to Russia requires a valid passport, valid at least six month longer than the date of your return. Early booking. not later than two month before departure is necessary.

Due to unforseeable local circumstances, weather-conditions or the like, a change of the routing might be necessary. You are willing to accept this condition and ready to adapt to whatever might occur on the way.
You are also willing to actively help your co-participants and our Russian partners to build up the camp and to cooperate with them, whenever your assistance is necessary.
The sanitary- and accommodation-standards in Kamchatka are very basic.
Are you qualified
The hikes mentioned in the program are usually pathless, good condition is desirable, mountaineering experience is not required. Nature camps offer very little comfort, which does not mean that we will not make ourselves comfortable at the campfire. Clean rivers and springs provide us with plenty of fresh water. If you are prepared for these conditions and circumstances, you can take on an overwhelming natural experience that only a few parts of the world are able to offer. The June date takes into account the Solstice Festival of the Evens and Itelmen in the north of Kamchatka
What is included:
- Economy-class flights from Frankfurt or Berlin via Moscow to Petropavlovsk and
- Overnights in guesthouses, private homes or huts
- tent-overnights (2 persons/tent),
- full meals during the boats tour on Bystraia,
- boats tour on Bystraia in zodiacs (2 days)
- Four-Wheel-Drive-vehicle
- Russian crew
- English-speaking guide,
- all local fees
- airport taxes.

What is not included:
- Meals in Kamchatka during the tour (ca. 220,- €)
- other meals in restaurants,
- drinks, tips, personal expenses,
- visum-fee,
- obligatory health-insurance,
- other insurances.
- optional boat-tour on the Avacha Bay
Number of participants:
Minimum 10, maximum 14 persons

Travel Dates:
17.07.2021 - 06.08.2021 *
24.07.2021 - 13.08.2021 *
08.08.2021 - 28.08.2021 *
14.08.2021 - 03.09.2021 *
28.08.2021 - 17.09.2021
11.06.2022 - 01.07.2022
18.06.2022 - 08.07.2022
02.07.2022 - 22.07.2022
09.07.2022 - 29.07.2022
23.07.2022 - 12.08.2022 *
30.07.2022 - 19.08.2022 *
13.08.2022 - 02.09.2022 *
20.08.2022 - 09.09.2022 *
Price (21 days) out of Berlin or Frankfurt:
Euro: ca 4.680,-
from other destinations pls. inquire

- Single tent: 140,- €
-Single Roo: 140,- €
- *Add. Cost High Season: +190,- €
- Meals +220,- €
- Small group (8-9 persons)+ 240,- €

If interested in this journey, pls. inquire