Alaska Adventure

To the great National Parks of Southern Alaska - 16 days

Map Alaska
Spectacular nature and grand landscapes
Glaciers and majestic mountains
Denali National Park (Mt. McKinley)
Cruise through the Prince William Sound
Moose, grizzlys, caribous, whales etc.
Photo-tour with day-hikes
Alaska is a wonderful wilderness: We travel to calving glaciers, will observe sea-otters, seals and whales on sea. We approach America's highest mountain and may experience mighty elks and grizzlys in the nature reserves.
This program was outlined specifically for nature-lovers and photographers and tries to mediate a compact picture of Southern Alaska's most beautiful regions.
We are traveling with a minibus, sleep in hotels, Lodges and in private houses (B&B) and shall have sufficient time to experience the climaxes and contrasts of Alaska actively.

1. Day: Flight to Anchorage
We leave from Germany to Alaska's biggest city at noon. Despite the big distance, the flying time to Anchorage is barely 10 hours since the air route leads across North-Greenland. We arrive at noon (time-lag) and shall receive our car at the airport. Afterwards, we check in in the hotel.
Anchorage lies in a wide plain between the Chugach Mountains and the Pacific, directly at Cook Inlet, a bay reaching deep into the country. Already in 1778 this area has been explored by James Cook. George Vancouver met with Russian fur-animal-hunters16 years later, who had explored Alaska's coasts since 1741 and took it as a property for the czar. Anchorage has been founded in the year 1915 because of the Alaska Railroad.
In the afternoon, we undertake a stroll through the city. Whoever has the desire can visit the Museum of History and Art, that presents Alaska's history with many exhibits very descriptively (USD 10,-). Afterwards, we go to take dinner in the center. hotel-overnight
Wrangel  mountains
Alaska Matanuska Glacier
2. Day: Matanuska-Valley and - Glaciers
We set off, drive in direction northeast and pass the village Palmer. We may visit a musk-ox-farm here. Finally, we reach the Matanuska Glacier. We hike to the morane and depending on the ice-conditions, between ice-formations.
The Matanuska Glacier is Alaska’s biggest glacier reachable by car. It is virtually 40 km long, on its end 6 km wide and is surrounded by ice-giants up to 3.000 m high.
We then drive a bit further and shall stay in the hotel of Glennallen.
Alaska Glacier
3. Day: Thompson Pass - Valdez
On this day, we drive a very scenic route along the Glenn Highway and along the Richardson Highway to Valdez. We stop for photos many times and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Wrangell mountains. Very dominantly and over five thousand meters high is the active volcano Mt. Wrangell!
We finally cross the Thompson Pass, drive down to the Keystone Canyon with its splendid water-falls.
We shall reach Valdez, seek accommodation in a private house and undertake a stroll along the fishery harbour and the marina.
4. Day: Valdez and Cruise through the Prince William Sound
The city of Valdez was built in the course of the Gold Rush in 1897/98 and lies in the Northeast of the Prince William Sound. It has a deep ice-free harbor and became the last stop of the Trans Alaskan Pipeline, that was laid over 1.280 km from Prudhoe Bay at the arctic ocean down to the South.
In the morning, we have time to visit two museums: the Valdez museum and the private Whitney museum (optionally, per USD 6, -) with a multiplicity of exhibits on the Indian population (First Nations) of Alaska.
We then start to explore the wonderful Sound and leave for a seven hour cruise at noon. We will probably see puffins, white-head-sea-eagles, sea-otters, seals, humpback-whales or killer-whales on the way. Final point is the most impressive Columbia-Glacier calving into the sea with its icebergs.
We may also buy food and beverages in Valdez for the next days.
Alaska Glacier
5. Day: Trip to the Wrangell St. Elias-National Park
As next, we’ll visit the nature-miracles of the Wrangell St, Elias National Park with its high volcanos and more than 70 glaciers. To this enormously extended park - it is bigger than Switzerland - leads a track, the so-called McCarthy Road. From the sides greet the ice-covered summits of the nine highest mountains of the USA. Wide glaciers pour into the valleys and its wildlife with black-bears and snow-goats leaves unforgettable impressions.

We cross a long bridge and look at a First Nations invention to haul fishes: the "Chitina fish-wheels." This indigenous salmon-catch-method may only be used by their descendants today. At the end of the McCarthy Road, we leave the car at a parking site, shortly walk to a cabin at a picturesque place, wherein we will spend two nights
Alaska Kennicott
6. Day: Kennecott - the ghost-city, hike to the Root Glacier
After breakfast, we take the shuttle bus to Kennecott. An active mine-business prevailed here until 1930. Nowadays the copper-mine looks like a ghost-city. We walk around and hike about. seven kms to a view point below the Erie mine. The path leads through alders and a pasture-thicket and offers impressive panoramic views to the glacier-world of Mt. Blackburn, which is almost 5.000 m high. Later we may look after beautiful copper-minerals in the rubble of the mine, e.g. for Malachit.
Walking back to Kennecott, we visit the Visitor Center and then take the shuttle bus back to McCarthy.
Whoever would like to, might also book a flight across the fantastic glacier-world in McCarthy. The airplanes glide densely over the Kennecott-, Gates-, and Root-Glaciers and fly to the huge ice-break of the Stairway Icefall.
(There are optional flights from USD 100,- (35 min) up to USD 200,- (90 min)).
Alaska Kennicott
7. Day: Gakona
Today, a sightseeing-tour particularily for the photographers is imminent again. We drive back to Chitina and follow the Richardson Highway along the chain of mountains northwards. On the way we stop in Copper Center with its historic wood-houses from pioneer-time before we reach the village of Gakona. Overnight stay in cabins, surrounded by an unique ambience. Our hosts can narrate as of how Alaska has been in older times. If you meet dogs during your morning walk here, please keep it in mind, these are no German sheperd-dogs, but wolves. And if a moose stands in the garden at twilight, this is not being considered as something extraordinary here.
Alaska Elk
Alaska people
Alaska,  Philippinen Reisen, travels Philippines
8. Day:
We turn on the Denali Highway westward, a non-asphalted remote route in between the Talkeetna Range in the South and the Alaska Range in the North. The tundra shapes the character of this extended lake-landscape and appears impressively in its immense wideness. Many stops are planned in order to let this phantastic region become a psychotropic experience.
We sleep in Cantwell in a simple Lodge. The attraction here is the original Saloon next door, that reminds us of the gold-digging-time or of western movies. In the evening, we may undertake a hike along a botanical path, or join the talkative and extremely friendly locals in the Saloon.
Denali Alaska
9. - 10.Day : Denali National Park
In the language of the Athabascan Indians, the name "Denali" literally means the "high." Thus mark the 6.194 m high Mt. McKinley, which we want to approach during the following two days. The gigantic Denali-Park belongs to the most beautiful and extensive wilderness-areas on earth. Biologists counted over 430 higher plant-types, 37 mammal-species and 160 bird-species in the Denali-Park.

The park shuttle bus brings us from the Visitor Access Center to the Eielson Visitor Center inside the park with several stops (about 50 km, a 4 h. trip). The driver tells much worth knowing about the park on the way and will stop, as soon as animals are being spotted.
From Eielson, we have the possibility to hike over the alpine tundra on a trail to a viewpoint, that offers another fantastic panorama to the 50 km long Muldrow-Glacier. In the park, There are Dall-sheeps, elks, caribous, snow-hares, red-foxes and of course Grizzlys to look for.
In the evening, the busses bring us back to the Visitor Center. We then drive a short distance to the village of Healey and shall sleep privately in a comfortable house.
Alaska Elk
Alaska Grizzly bear
Alaska mountain goats
Alaska Musk Ox
Alaska Grizzly bear
Alaska Grizzly bear
We shall spend two days in the park, to make sure, that we will see the mountain in every case – if weather should not be fortunate. Second, to get as many animals before the camera lens as possible.
On the following day, we might be leaving the bus at an interesting point and freely hike in the terrain. One may proceed with any other bus later.
11. Day: Talkeetna
Talkeetna is called the "junction of three rivers" in the language of the indigenous Americans. It is only 50 kms to this village. During the Gold Rush, this was the center of the whole region. Some buildings still remind of this period. And some of the atmosphere then remained as well. We stroll through the place, take a lunch-rest.
Alaska Mt. Foraker
Mt. Mc Kinley
In the afternoon there would be an opportunity to undertake a flight to and around Mt. McKinley (optional, 235, - USD). Presupposed good weather, one should not miss this unforgettable, spectacular experience.

Who would like to do it, might also book a rafting-tour here (optional, 129, - USD)
We sleep in private cabins.
12. Day: Kenai Peninsula
We leave for Alaska's South next, with quite different sea-shaped landscapes.
We drive past Anchorage, visit an extended game-park with elks, bisons, bears, etc.. The road leads along a picturesque route, that was labeled as "National Scenic Byway". The destination for the day is a small fishing town: Seward. It is the starting point for tours into the Kenai fFord National Park. We shall visit the magnificent Alaska Sealife Center in the afternoon. If the weather is favorable, we could also undertake a boats-trip and try ourselves ind salmon- or halibut-fishing (optional). We shall eat in a comfortable fish-restaurant in the evening. Overnight in private quarters.
Alaska Homer
Alaska people
Alaska Homer
Alaska Homer
13. Day: Homer
The city of Homer lies at the East-side of Cook Inlet, farthest south of the Kenai peninsula. James Cook arrved in this bay on the search of the northwest-passage. But had to turn back, because he realized it was a dead end.
Alaska Russian Church
Today, Homer is a great attraction for sport-fishers, as one may catch the biggest halibuts here. The place with its small colorful houses and a peninsula, barely lying over the sea level accommodates the extended marina - it is really very worth seeing. Not far from here, Russian enclaves with orthodox churches can be visited. This reminds us of the fact, that Alaska has been Russian territory once in the past. Overnight stay in a private quarter.
14. Day:
In the morning, we’ll drive back to Anchorage, check in in the hotel and still have time for a tour or museum-visit in the afternoon. In the evening, we meet for the farewell dinner.
15. Day: Flight to Germany
There is still time for a last stroll in downtown Anchorage and for shopping some souvenirs. Depending on the flight departure, we will then start to the airport and leave.
Arrival in Germany in the morning
This tour is outlined especially for nature-lovers and photographers. We focus on all opportunities to observe animals and plants during this tour. Whoever likes to hike should be able to walk a few hours. The hikes mostly lead over prepared trails, partly through trackless terrain (tundra).
We are mostly driving on asphalted roads.
Each participant has to bring flexibility and patience. Weather-conditions or organisational reasons might demand deviations of the intended program. You should be able to cope with the local realities.
Included Performances:
· Flight Frankfurt – Anchorage - Frankfurt
· Tour-program as described
· Car and fuel
· National-Park-Entrance Fee and buses in the Denali Park (1 entry)
· Cruise Prince William Sound
· Overnight stay in hotels, some with breakfast, cottages or in private houes, in double- or three-bed-rooms
· German/English speaking tour-guide

Not included:
· Food (approx.) 300 $ USD
· Optional undertakings, e.g. flights
· Museum-Fees, other Entrance Fees
· Insurances
· Charges for the entry-authorization into the USA (USD 14 -)
Minimum 4, max. 10 participants

20.08. - 03.09.20 (“Indian Summer”)

from Frankfurt:   4.980,- Euro
other airports on request

Special-services of Air Condor: Seat-reservation: € 30 - / Premium menu (also vegetarian): € 30 - / Premium-Economy-Class: Price on request

Rail & Fly ticket from / until the German border € 75,-

If you are interested in this journey, kindly