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About myself...

Most of the Arctic expeditions being published here (not the cruises), are organized and led by Dr. Christian Adler. Allow me, to introduce myself in short:

As a native of South-Germany and a mountaineer, I'm very familiar with the Alps and have climbed peaks up 6.000 meters in the Andes or in Africa. As a scientist I visited and studied indigenous people in the most remote regions on earth, in particular 'hunters and gatherers'.
I'm travelling to the Arctic since 1972. Early in the Seventies I spent three years in N-Greenland among the Polar Eskimo and wrote a dissertation about their behavior patterns lateron. I lived as one of them, leading my own Eskimo-household, accompanying my native companions for seal-hunt, following them to walrus- or bear-hunt, to the whale-hunt in a kajak etc.
In 1973 we went on a big sledge-expedition from Greenland to Canada. For the "White-man" in this team, this was the first repetition of one of the great sledge-journeys since pioneer-time.
Despite the fact, that I have spent more time in rain-forests than in Polar regions in the past, I could not let off from the Arctic anymore.
In 1985 I started with "expedition-tourism" in Svalbard, something, which has become a complete new sector of the travel industry meanwhile.
During consecutive years I led groups in Svalbard every year. And my "travelling-style" has been copied by others not only once.
In 1991 I changed the destination, led expeditions to East-Greenland.
In between 1995 - 2001 I returned to Thule (North Greenland). Again, every year, and the Inuit were looking forward to my operations, as they were earning from it! And that's as tourism should be!
During the years in between I also undertook some group-tours to the tropics, e.g. to the pirate-area of the Sulu-Sea (Can't explain you here 'why', but we were all safe). In 1984 I had a historic sail-ship been built in this area and we used the seagoing "museum-piece" lateron to explore this remote, normally not accessible region. So did we during a tour in the Calamianes archipelago (Southern China Sea) and so on...

Since 2002 I'm based in East-Greenland again.

Patagonia und Kamchatka were added, as many of my participants became friends, asked me for new destinations...
Patagonia was a "Hit", already the first time, some even joined a second time on the same trip.

To me, this kind of activity always has remained to be a hobby.
I'm not a commercial tour-operator.
To your information: You are visiting a private Website. is no firm.

The listed expeditions were/are being marketed by different German tour-operators. Or, were/are being organized upon request of private persons and groups.
Others are being organized and conducted by German, Swiss and Russian tour-operators, with whom we have a partnership. If you are interested in any of these journeys, you'll be referred to the tour-operator in charge.
However, private persons or private groups, who would like to take advantage of my expedition-know-how to realize their own expedition endeavors are highly welcome.

With a booking as a private person you request, that I will organize and lead the journey for you and other interested people, who would like to do the same trip.
I'll be organizing and leading the tour along the same principle. In other words: I'm helping you, shall exercise due diligence, for whatever is necessary to make the tour a success. However, you will be fully travelling at your own risk.
You will have to sign a waiver from all liabilites, if you like to join any of these journeys.

Kindly have a look on the programs here. Perhaps you'll see something interesting for you. I would be looking forward to hear from you.
If you have suggestions refering to new destinations, I'm also glad, if you send me a note - the more unusual, the better.

By the way: I'm speaking, German, English, Danish, Spanish, some French and Italian. Don't hesitate to write in your language.
I remain with best regards

Dr. Christian Adler

PS: That's me, today!