Assessments of the Thule winter expedition by the participants

This trip was an absolute highlight for us. The country itself with its vast expanses of ice and snow and all other impressions were just fantastic for us. The dog sled tour with the Eskimos was superb. Especially the warm contact with the Inuit! We shared their life 11 days and were allowed to participate.
Everywhere we were welcomed and Birte and Hans took up very well.
Christian, we would like to thank you, that you've got this wonderful journey into the program and that we were able to enjoy an unforgettable holiday with friends..
Birgit and Jörg, Mülsen

Memories of the trip lighten still my daily life. I have never experienced such an authentic journey. Thank you for this! And for your good field kitchen!
Dr. Julia B, Hamburg

The journey fulfilled everything, I hoped it will . And I am convinced that this is first and foremost also due to the expertise and experience of the tour leader.
11 days of sleddding tour in 'Eskimo 'style with Inuit hunters, whose dog-teams are only in exceptional cases used for tourist transportation, otherwise represent tools for a living through hunting.
For me, who had already the chance to travel with dog teams elsewhere, this tour was a very special and impressive experience. Even the weather over the days was very favourable with us and made the journey to a happy feast.
Wolfgang and Christiane Q, bad Segeberg

During the trip with the dog sled, I felt completely embedded into the Habitat of the Hunter.
Authentic, following the rhythm of the Eskimos, we moved in their natural environment, got very close to a culture so alien to us.I didn't feel on a tourist trip, we became part of the local system - a unique experience for a brief moment..
Christian's insight into the milieu of the Eskimos, their way of life and their thinking world, which he has experienced at first-hand, gave us a very good impression of the life of hunters and their relationship to strangers.
Jürgen K, Nederlands

Particularly well I liked,...
-The day-long common experiences with the Eskimos
-The good teamwork during the journey
-Silent/quiet/solitude/relaxation on the tour,
-starting with the first dog-sledge-day
-The experience that one must take care as Eskimo by himself.
- the Hunter is always on his own and has learned to survive.
Frank W., Villingendorf

- the impressive wild and barren loneliness
- the hard work of the travelling dogs
- Christian's depiction of his life with the Eskimos in the seventies and
- the comparison with today
- Contact with the Eskimos
Dr. Harald S., Switzerland

Without many words: I was deeply impressed by the incredible beauty of the landscape, the ice in all its shapes and colours, the noise while walking on snow and ice, the reduction of life to the essentials, the friendliness of the people and last but not least the Whiskey evenings with my dear tour fellows.
Hubert H. Frankfurt