Meals "expedition style"

What does it mean?

You probably expect very poor meals during an expedition, if not pemmikan so at least tinned food, ravioli or spagetti at the best. Sorry, I won't eat that during my holidays, would you?
I have to admit: the kitchen equipment is very meagre: 2 primusses (kerosin-stoves), a plastic bowl, 2 pots and a wok - that's it. But even with that, you may well offer a more tolerable cuisine. To give you an example, kindly see the menu-list of the E-Greenland groups during one summer season and judge yourself, if this would be acceptable to your taste.
1st group:
12.07. Fried Salmon filets with lemon-butter, boiled potatoes, iceberg-salad
13.07. Indian Pork-Curry in Coconut-sauce, bread dumplings (don't forget I'm from Bavaria)
14.07. Hamburgers Bavarian style ( I don't like McDonalds) with potatoes, peas and fresh carrots

15.07. Thai vegetable-soup, fried Danish sausages with fried potatoes
16.07. Spagetti Carbonara (Mama mia..., we can't dispense with it)
17.07. Minute-steaks, fried noodles with onions, cucumber-salad
18.07. Travellunch: Boef Stroganoff (after a tour, I'm too lazy to cook, I serve you dehydrated meals.It tastes really good!)
19.07. Mussels, boiled in sour soup-stock, fresh Halibut in brown butter, parsley-potatoes

20.07. Asian Fried Rice with pork, cucumber salad
21.07. Boiled seal-meat with potatoes
22.07. Indian Chicken-Curry with lettuce, Sauce vinaigrette
23.07. Sweet&Sour Ragout from the seal, mashed potatoes
24.07. Broccoli-soup, Travellunch: Indonesian 'Nasi Goreng'
25.07. Breaded Pork-chops, potato-salad, tomato-salad
26.07. Self caught and -smoked Salmon with caviar-créme and a garlic-dip, Salmon-steaks in Bechamél-sauce, maccaroni

27.07. "Minestrone" (Italian vegetable-soup), Pasta asciuta, Parmesan-cheese
28.07. Roasted Pork with dried plums, brown beer-sauce, potato dumplings, cabbage-salad (our National dish in Bavaria)
29.07. Travellunch: Boef Stroganoff
30.07. Roasted Greenlandic Lamb, potatoes, different vegetables
2nd group
2.8. Crispy Pork with dried plums in beer-sauce, bread-dumplings, green salad
3.8. Indian Curry, braised zucchini, rice
4.8. Breaded Pork Chops, Bavarian potato salad, tomato salad
5.8. French Fish soup, baked Halibut, potato-salad with mayonnaise
6.8. Mussels salad, smoked salmon, Sea-wolf baked in in beer-coating, rice
7.8. Spagetti with Pesto sauce, braised vegetables
8.8. Spring soup, Szegedine Goulash, maccaroni
9.8. Asparagus soup, Roasted Danish Sausages with brown sauce and fried potatoes, China-cabbage-salad
10.8. Pasta ascuita with Parmesan cheese
11.8. Thai Red Chicken Curry, coconut sauce, rice
12.9. Tomato soup, Turkey steaks in sour-cream-capers-sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans
13.8. Hungarian Goulash, sauteed vegetables, rice
14.8. Bavarian Hamburgers, boiled potaotes, tomato salad

What can you learn from this? We had excellent weather all the time! Otherwise you would find "pancake" or "crépes" on the list. This is very time-consuming - good for rainy days!
For the breakfast and for meals in-between:
Tea in various sorts
Drink-chocolate, milk-powder, sugar, honey, jam (different sorts)
Müsli, coarse wholemeal bread, crispbread
Mayonnaise, remoulade, ketchup, mustard
Cheese: cheese spread (diff. sorts), camembert, French brie, herb-cheese, parmigiano
Sausages: tinned sausages (diff. sorts), French dried salami, Tyrolean salami, Black-Forest-ham, Tyrolean Farmer's-ham, Smoked Pork
Tinned Tuna
Chocolates (diff. sorts)